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This is part 10 in a series of articles on the Nefertiti trading bot. If you don’t know what Nefertiti is or does, please refer to part 1 in this series.

Nefertiti supports many crypto exchanges, including Binance and Bittrex and Bitstamp and HitBTC and KuCoin and Starting with…

Nefertiti is a CLI (aka command-line) app that usually runs in your terminal/console and does not really have an UI other than the command-line commands and arguments.

Nefertiti does include a simple web server, allowing other apps (for example: an Electron or Tauri app) to talk to it.

Before you…

This article describes what the Ethereum mempool is, why you should care, and how to monitor the Ethereum mempool from a Delphi app or service.

Before Ethereum transactions end up in a block, they are sitting in the mempool, waiting for miners to pick them up. Miners will pick transactions…

WUTN (aka Wrapped UTN) is a token bridge for Universa’s UTNP token.

The purpose of this community-driven project is to allow for ETH-WUTN liquidity mining on Uniswap where you as a UTNP token holder can earn trading fees.

An idle asset is a wasted opportunity — Dan Elitzer

Unfortunately, the…

This article describes what Bankless is, and how to set this app up.

What is Bankless?

Bankless is a DeFi desktop app with the highest possible yield on your stablecoin savings.

What is DeFi?

DeFi apps are blockchain-based financial apps that do what banks do (savings, loans, time deposits, mortgages, pensions, etc) without a bank. …

While Infura is an awesome gateway to Ethereum, when you have a high-traffic decentralized application then you might have a need for maximum performance, non-funnelled access to the blockchain.

Yes you can run your own Ethereum node, but setting up and managing a blockchain node is a difficult, time- and…

In a previous article, we created a simple Smart Contract that did not do much other than output the message “Hello World!”

In this article, we will both read and write data to the blockchain. It is important to realize that while reading from the blockchain is free, writing to…

In this article, we will develop our first Smart Contract. Before we dive into the world of Smart Contracts, let us step back for a moment and look at what differentiates Ethereum from Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin is the mother of all blockchains, the Bitcoin business rules are pretty simple;

  1. Alice…

Ethereum is amazing, breakthrough technology. For the 1st time in history, we can write financial apps that do what banks do (savings, loans, time deposits, insurances, mortgages, pensions, etc) without a bank.

While HTTP allowed anyone in the world to create an online service, ETH will allow anyone in…

In a previous article, we transferred ether with Delphi. While ether is the number one cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain, the network actually hosts thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Most of these other cryptocurrencies are known as ERC-20 tokens.


ERC-20 is a smart contract interface on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing…


Delphi/Rust/Go developer. Ethereum consultant. Embarcadero MVP. Ex-Adobe, Macromedia. Helped build 1Password.

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