Introducing wrapped Universa

WUTN (aka Wrapped UTN) is a token bridge for Universa’s UTNP token.

The purpose of this community-driven project is to allow for ETH-WUTN liquidity mining on Uniswap where you as a UTNP token holder can earn trading fees.

An idle asset is a wasted opportunity — Dan Elitzer

Unfortunately, the UTNP token itself does not allow for liquidity mining — or any other DeFi farming opportunity — because the UTNP contract does not implement approve().

approve() is the greatest feature of ERC20. Without it there would be no money legos. — Martin Lundfall

Cool. How do I wrap my UTNP in WUTN?

Before you can provide your UTNP liquidity on Uniswap and earn fees, you will need to wrap your UTNP in WUTN. Here are the steps:

scan this with MetaMask and wake up the mint bot

if the above QR code does not work for you, you can transfer 0.01 ETH to 0xbbe7fb58301d5abb45419342a7dd5c6cd68e2ff3

Please note that you might need to add the WUTN token to your wallet. Here are the custom token details:

║ Address ║ 0xd4e7A6E7f9aA5909036338a3C4cD57319d613190 ║
║ Symbol ║ WUTN ║
║ Decimals ║ 18 ║

Click here if you are unsure how and where to add the WUTN token to your wallet.

Now that I have WUTN, how do I provide my WUTN liquidity on Uniswap?

Get me outta here. How do I go back and unwrap my WUTN to UTNP?

Assuming you have withdrawn your WUTN from the Uniswap pool and have it in your wallet, here are your steps:

Is the WUTN contract secure?

Maybe. No independent audit has been or will be commissioned. You are encouraged to read the code and decide for yourself whether it’s secure.

Wait. What guarantee do I have the mint bot does not mint itself a shitload of WUTN and performs an exit scam?

You do not. That being said, you can audit the supply.

First, you will want to get the totalSupply of the wrapped tokens:

Secondly, get the amount of UTNP tokens owned by the WUTN contract:

If the amount of UTNP owned by the WUTN contract equals the amount of wrapped tokens that got minted, then life is good.


WUTN is now included with Uniswap’s wrapped token list. Consequently, it should now be easier for everyone to find and trade WUTN on Uniswap.


The WUTN contract is free, unsupported software. But if you got questions, you are welcome to join this Telegram group.


The WUTN contract is provided free of charge. There is no warranty. The authors do not assume any responsibility for bugs, vulnerabilities, or any other technical defects.

The WUTN contract is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with, or any of its subsidiaries.

Use at your own risk.



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